Download and Install Office 365

Recently I had to install Office 365 on a dozen machines at a location with 512mb Internet. After the nostalgia faded I wrestled through the directions to obtain an Offline installer. In the hope this will save somebody some head scratching, here are the directions.
This will install Office 365 Pro ready for you to activate it with your Office 365 Organisational Account. It’s been tested with an Office 365 Education A3 license.

1. Download the Office Deployment Tool
Download and run this tool, then give it a folder where you’d like it to extract the files we’re going to need. If you want both 32 and 64 bit versions of Office, you’re going to have to repeat this whole process again. I pointed this tool at a folder called office_installer_32 and then at office_installer_64
You should see a file called setup.exe and one called configuration.xml
Download Here:
2. Edit the XML configuration file
This file tells the tool which versions of the software you’d like to download and install.
In the same directory where you extracted the installer tool, edit the file called “configuration.xml” and fill it with the following, change the OfficeClientEdition value to 32 for a 32 bit  version.


This will install Office 365 Pro, automatically activate it (though it’ll still ask for your Office account), not show you the EULA (because it’s quicker to get it installed that way) and enable updates. If you have a file server which you wish to use, consider using the SourcePath parameter under both and . See the Configuration Reference for more details.
See the XML Configuration Reference for more details:
3. Do the Download
Now open a command prompt in the folder which contains setup.exe and run:
setup.exe /download configuration.xml
This will download all the files required to install that which is specified in the configuration.xml. All in all, it’s about 1.1GB (0.9GB for 32 bit). All the files get put into a folder called ‘Office’ unless you specified ‘sourcePath’.
4. Install It
You install Office running:
setup.exe /configure configuration.xml
in the same was as you downloaded it. To speed this up if you’re running on multiple machines, create a file called setup.bat and fill it with the command above. Now, double clicking this file will install Office. The setup should require no interaction until it’s done and ready to activate.
Optional Extras
If you’re doing this for somebody else, you may want to also visit in their web browser and Always Enable the addon.
When you first use the Office products you will need to activate it by logging in with your username and password.
A note on licences
After you activate your suite with your login, if you delete that user the software will tell you to login to check things are OK. I have not found how you can re-activate with a different login.
Some of the official pages I used
Talks about whether to get your users to install it themselves through their browser or do an offline install
For those who have decided they want to do an offline install


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